Tuesday, June 10, 2014

To my husband,

Fourteen years ago I met you at the front of the church, we exchanged our vows, and the adventure began.  We have climbed mountains, swam through the deep rivers of life, and dwelt in the valleys.  You are my best friend, the arms I love to feel holding me, the voice that calms and comforts the worst moments of life and and the one person who gives me many, many cases of side-splitting giggles.  I love your honesty, your sense of humor, your gentleness, your ability to see the best in others.  I love how you patiently listen to me and hug me when I cry.  Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of Mexican food, homemade pizzas, Lord of the Rings, and for teaching me (by example) how to love someone else completely, without any conditions or expectations.  Outside of our children you are my greatest earthly treasure.  Happy anniversary!

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