Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Summer

I cannot believe it's been over a month since I wrote.  I also cannot believe July is winding down!!  Two things I am insanely excited about, Hello Mornings next session (registration starts August 4th)...I really need the accountability to get back into a schedule of getting up and getting our school days started.  And August 5th Divergent comes out on DVD, I read the book (the first two actually) and cannot wait to see the movie!!

This summer has been mostly ok, it has been full of beautiful moments like my youngest waking up really early to race outside and watch the sunrise, snail and worm collecting on rainy days, the addition to our furry family of a sweet dwarf hamster, and the consumption of lots of cherry or grape slurpies (aka sonic slushes).  It has been full of lazy afternoons spent under shady trees scootering and drawing, full of stories we've surrendered our moments to only to find ourselves battling goblins, cheering Bilbo on as he faces down Gollum or or when we were swept up in the tale of a young boy doing whatever it takes to get two redbone coonhound hunting dogs.  We have become utterly enchanted with a sweet dog named after a grocery store as he befriended a lonely little girl and just recently marveled at the bravey of twenty students as they did what it took to keep ten children safe during World War II.

But this summer has had its hard moments.  Slow good-byes, watching death slowly steal life and yet, marveling at the bravery of those who've stepped up to the plate to care for and loved so deeply that it makes you cry just to think about it.

I am sure this comes as no surprise to those who've gone before me but, parenting is hard.  I am constantly stumbling along second guessing myself, especially on the hard days.  There have been days full of doctor appointments, conversations, medications added and adjusted.

But you know what?  This is life.  It's beautiful and messy and a gift.  Each and every moment.  And as the summer winds down and school days descend upon us I am praying I remember to cherish every single moment,especially the hard ones.