Wednesday, October 15, 2014

handling the questions...

How do you know if you measure up, how do you handle the 'what grade are they in' question, how do you know if you are covering everything that needs to be covered, how do you know you didn't accidentally miss something along the way...

These are questions I have been asked, I myself ask, and wrestle with continually.  Anytime you do something different than how the majority of people do something, there are going to be questions, concerns, comments etc;  Something I have learned on this journey is that no two homeschools will look the same.  That's the beauty of homeschooling.  Some people choose traditional textbook routes, some people unschool, some people pick and choose, some people ascribe to a method (Charlotte Mason or Classical), and some people order a ready made full curriculum and everything in between. 

For us, we bounce around between classical method, with picking and choosing, and ready made curriculums :).  So, in order to cover my bases and make sure they are getting what they need, I have this awesome thing called The Checklist.  Cindy Downes created it.  I discovered it years ago when a friend mentioned it and love it.  You can use it no matter what state you live in, it is just an awesome resource.

I also wanted to mention The Well Planned Day planner.  I have tried various planners over the years, but this one has worked for me for the past three years.  Oh and Donna Young has an awesome website where you can print out great resources for your various record keeping needs.  Free of charge!  I jot down what we get done as we do it.  I make the plans in pencil (FINALLY learned that lesson...just two years ago actually) and then mark down in pen what we actually complete.  I usually just write the pages read (or wkbk completed) or time spent on a lesson and sometimes a small note if it is something I need to delve into more on my side (find more examples, books, resources etc;).  Giving yourself homework is a good thing, I love finding new ways to explain something...that moment when it clicks, well there isn't anything like it. 

No matter what you choose, just remember that although sometimes the questions feel daunting and the days long, the years truly are short.  Hang in there, enjoy your kiddos, and take the questions as they come.  You aren't going to please everyone, focus on loving your kids well, teaching them thoroughly and remember if one approach doesn't work, come at it from a different angle.  No two kids learn alike or at the same pace. Be patient.  Pray...a LOT.  Keep seeking answers, don't give up.  Work really hard, they copy you way more than you think they do. They will learn and thrive and it will all be worth it in the end :)

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