Saturday, November 1, 2014


Is an important month around our house...lots of neat things happen.  But one thing in particular  is this, November is National Epilepsy Awareness month.  Epilepsy is at it's very basic a seizure disorder.  It seems so much more than just that simple phrase, 'a seizure disorder'.  It hits close to my heart as someone I love very, very much was diagnosed, seemingly out of the blue, about five years ago.  Epilepsy drastically changed their life and the lives of those closest to them.  It was literally like this person went to bed on a Thursday evening healthy and normal and woke up Friday morning to a vastly different landscape.  Nothing has been the same since.  I just read and cried through this article
on CNN.  It is a great article.  Please read it, share it, and if possible find a way to donate/support your local epilepsy foundations.  Epilepsy desperately needs more research.
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