Thursday, November 6, 2014

Being Sick, Bean Salad, & Hot Chocolate

We are on week three of being sick at my house.  First it was back to back tummy bugs and then the cold from h*ll.  I haven't slept through the night in three weeks.  ICK.

I cannot have caffeine.  I love starbucks.  Those two definitely do not work well together.  I have discovered that I can get a steamer...steamed milk and syrup and it's almost like having a latte.  The best part?  If I am careful to drink lots and lots of water I can also handle a tall (small) hot chocolate.  This makes me happy.

I found a recipe a few years ago, I do not remember where, but it is one of my all time favorite meals!!  Bean salad.  I have used all kinds of beans, but my favorites are black and/or pinto.   Open the cans, rinse them, pour them into a bowl.  Squeeze two small limes (or one large) over the beans, add fresh cilantro, diced tomatoes, chopped onion, cubed avocado, and if you like it spicy add jalepeno peppers chopped (if not bell peppers work well), & finally toss with shredded cheese.  Crack open a bag of tostitos and dig in.  Delish!

I hope your fall's are off to a beautiful start!  If not, there is always hope for tomorrow!

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