Monday, December 8, 2014

Things we have done

Sometimes our days can be unpredictable, sometimes the weeks whir past and I forget what we did to try to make the time special...

We love, love, love read alouds and audio books in our house.  Sometimes we want something quiet to do while we we made goo, gak, play dough, and cut out cookies this past month.
My two favorite recipes (these are NOT my original):
1) gak...equal parts glue (regular white school glue, the glittery glue didn't work as well), liquid starch (you find this down the laundry aisle), and a couple of squirts of food color.  Such fun!!
2) And I found a cream cheese based sugar cookie recipe that was really, really good.  We made dinosaurs, teddy bears, ducks etc; with our cut outs.  Sooooo good.

Our favorite audio book from this past month?  Riddle of the Prairie Bride,  an American Girl stand alone mystery through history.  The author is Kathryn Reiss.  It was a fantastic audio book.  We are currently listening to the Rebecca series, also American Girl, sooo good.

We visited a science museum, played at the park, went on a loooooooong walk in a quest for hot chocolate, had friends over for Thanksgiving, oh and I almost forgot made our own finger paint.

I hope you guys are having an amazing holiday season!'

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