Sunday, February 8, 2015


its been a while!  I find most days I am running about five steps behind what I feel like I need to be doing.  Did I mention I am on Twitter now?  I use it for Hello Mornings.  It's under my name with 42932 added to it.  I chose 42932 because Ephesians chapter 4 vs. 29-32 is how I want to govern my mouth.  This session in a Hello Mornings we are studying Colossians, oh my it's been beautiful.

Update on our 'farm' or 'zoo' or perhaps more accurately 'circus'?  We ended 2014 with one dog, one dwarf hamster, and one rabbit.  About two or three weeks into our new year our dwarf hamster unexpectedly died.  We have rescued all of our pets, so we weren't exactly sure how old he might have been.  So back to the pet store we went and guess what?  We fell in love with chunkiest cutest full size hamster.  We brought him home and named him Bombur, because we are reading the Hobbit (yes...still...*sigh*).  About 24 hours after we brought him home he began having seizures.  Totally unexpected and so upsetting because I have a child with a seizure disorder.  After many phone calls they told us to bring him back to get antibiotics, he probably wasnt going to make it, so they encouraged us to pick out another hamster.  We paid the difference for a baby dwarf hamster and oh my word he is precious.  We named him Beans and so far, so good.  Although he grew very quickly and got quite the chubby tummy so we were a bit nervous Beans wasn't a he, but a she...but my husband thinks he just grew into his head :).  Oh and did I mention in the middle of that we also got a fish?  So now we have one fish, one rabbit, one dwarf hamster, and one dog.  Which brings me to my next announcement.  My child was approved for a service dog!!!  It will be joining our family in a year or so.  We are beyond excited!!!

I am currently reading and rereading the Harry Potter series, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them.  I am also reading Eat That Frog and just checked out All The Light We Cannot See.  I have heard awesome things about both, so I am thankful for the few minutes here and there I snatch to read.