Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vacation, weight yo-yo, and the best decaf coffee I have had

Five years.  That's how long it had been since I had been home to see my family.  One thing or another always seemed to pop up.  Even down to the last minute it was a guessing game if we'd get to go.  My husband got sick, my child's chronic medical condition decided to rear it's head, bad weather moved in...but finally....finally we piled into the car and fourteen hours later stepped from there into the arms of family!!!  The week was perfect.  Not in the sense that nothing went wrong...plenty did.  I didn't get to see one of my favorite friends in the whole world, nor did I get to see my sisters or cousin...Yet it was perfect. We had snow, gorgeous beautiful fluffy snow.  I got to go to my favorite coffee shop in the world and had some of the most delicious decaf coffee EVER.  We visited bookstores, a mall, my favorite grocery store on the planet.  We sat with family, talked face to face, went through memories, played with doggies...bliss.

And the food.

Oh my the food.

I could do a whole post on just the food.  We ate homemade meatloaf, broccoli cheese casserole, creamy mashed potatoes, homemade baked chicken and veggies, homemade thick beef stew and rolls, Philly cheesesteak subs, pizza, chicken nachos, chili cheese coneys...see where this is going?  I had gained about five pounds around the holidays that were sticking to me with surprising tenacity...add in a whole week of eating and well, let's just say the damage is more than just five pounds.  *sigh*. So I have slowly been trying to get back into my lose it app, my workout DVDs, and watching what I eat.  The depressing part of the weight loss yo-yo?  It goes on soooooo much quicker than it comes off.

Oh and guess what?  We brought home a squiggly, wiggly, cutest thing ever puppy!!!  My youngest child is...there are no words for how ecstatic, excited, happy...over the moon this child is.