Sunday, April 26, 2015


Tomorrow B90 begins!!!  I have completed the challenge two times, but this time I want to try to actually do each day's reading, each day.  Instead of my usual procrastination of letting a few days worth pile up and then racing through on a catch up day.  Last time I was tempted to blog or tweet my way through the challenge, but was reluctant to do that because I usually come away with more questions than answers and I never want to be a stumbling block for anyone seeking God.  But by the end of the last challenge I realized something, some of the questions from before were answered each time I returned to Scripture, and I wished I had kept a log of them to see how my understanding grew...

So this time I set a goal for myself, I am going to try to blog each day and answer: 1) did I complete that day's selection? 2) what was my favorite verse? 3) what questions or observations do I have?

See you tomorrow for day one!!

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