Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Yesterday was hard.  One of those days where it seemed like everything went wrong & nothing went right kind of days.  That statement, by the way, is never actually 100% true, because no matter what, God's still on His throne, so at least the most important thing is going right.  But nevertheless our feelings will trumpet so loudly it can quickly drown out common sense.

And yesterday was that day for me.  

It started with a kiddo who was sick which just makes the hard day she was experiencing sooooo much harder, then continued with a kiddo who would have rather have done anything, absolutely anything, than to complete the schoolwork we had to get done, and ended with another kiddo who seems to not be making any progress at all no matter what we try and how we go about it.  Two dogs who were into everything.under.the.sun.  Dirty dishes piled high in the sink, laundry backed up, (does it multiply at night?) toys everywhere...*sigh*. 

Me....oh my....I was a mess.  My husband and I started a lite version of the South Beach Diet and the craving for chocolate hit hard (I did indulge...by dinner time it was either eat some chocolate or have an epic meltdown....I know my will power is zilch on some days!!) I couldn't find my book of mnemonics to help with the rank of peerage we need to memorize for history, then at the last minute I had to purchase a book on kindle because I realized I had somehow missed purchasing it in January, turned on my kindle...battery low...seriously?!?  

By four o'clock I was reduced to tears and asking God to give me a verse.  Anything.  I felt like a failure, #1 in the running for worst mom of the year award, and just needed something, anything to hold onto to grasp a tiny seed of encouragement so that I could turn around and encourage my kiddos.  Nothing.  No verse came to mind, why was God so silent?  I didn't have an answer for that so I ate my chocolate bar and chalked it up to being a bad day.

Then a new day dawned.  His mercy is truly, truly fresh every.single.morning.

This article came to my attention this morning & I got to do my Bible study outside with a hot cup of coffee all by myself without anyone waking up!!!!!  The birds were absolutely beautiful.  And then it happened.  God answered my request for something from His Word to encourage me.  1 Peter 5:2-3 and Isaiah 41:10 practically leaped out at me this morning as I worked through my study.  

Hang in there if your today is like my yesterday, keep asking God, He will answer!!!  

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