Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Different Way

Very little in my life has ever gone the way I imagined or unfolded how the books assured me it would.  My dance career, friendships, school, pregnancy, parenting, running a house...

I am different, my kids are different, our homeschool is different.  Sometimes, honestly more times than not, I feel insecure in our differences.  I feel like I never measure up, but then I realize I have grabbed the wrong measuring stick.  God never intended for me to look like anyone else other than myself.  

I often have to actively search for out of the box ways to teach my kids, out of the box ways to deal with each day's challenges.  I was talking to a friend of mine recently regarding the challenge of dealing with a chronic medical condition, how do you approach life so as not to let it overshadow everything?  Where do you find the balance?  What do you do when others don't understand?  When they have expectations of you that you just can't meet?  She said something that I have thinking about ever since.  You make peace with that.  I have to accept that there will be no way that others will understand because each day is sometimes so overwhelming, so challenging that if you survive it, if you glimpse beauty along the's a success!!

So here is one of my out of the box ideas...I wanted to share in case it helps someone else.  I have a huge collection of greeting cards that my father in law left behind, I have considered how I could best put them to use.  I have decided to write and mail one to each of my kids every week.  I am going to tuck a scripture into each one, a prayer to encourage them, and then one tidbit of knowledge to pass on to them.  Maybe a headline or current event, rewritten for their level of comprehension, maybe the words to a hymn to help them memorize it, or a math challenge for them to work on...kind of like a version of task cards. I have noticed they treasure any card or note or letter they get, maybe I could touch their heart, instruct their minds, or give them a slice of joy on an otherwise hard day?

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