Thursday, May 28, 2015

B90 day 29, 30, 31

There wasn't much to say with Day 29, it was primarily genealogy.

Day 30
Thinking about:
1 Chronicles 12:32
'Men of Isasachar, who understood the times & knew what Israel should do.. ' I want to be someone who is wise about the time

1 Chronicles 15:13b
'We did not inquire of Him about how to do it in the prescribed way.'

1 Chronicles 21:17
Sin always reaches further than we think and costs us more than we were prepared to pay.

I am amazed at this, 1 Chronicles 22:14-16, David did all this even though he wasn't building the temple, and he didn't even live to see it done.

Day 31
2 Chronicles 1:1 Solomon established himself firmly over his kingdom, for the LORD his God was with him and made him exceedingly great.

Praying God establishes me as a mom and a homeschool teacher.

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