Sunday, May 24, 2015

I Am Caught Up!!

yippee!!  I did a marathon reading session last night because I couldn't sleep, and it feels so good to be caught up!!!

Very few things from days 25-27

1 Kings 13
Was the old man punished for lying to the man of God?  If God was speaking directly to the man of God why did the man of God think God would suddenly speak through the old man, contradicting what He'd said earlier?

I had never noticed this before but in 1 Kings 10 vs 24, it says the whole world sought an audience with Solomon because of the wisdom God had given him!!

The best picture of teshuva is 1 Kings 8:47&48 - realize you have done wrong, have a change of heart, turn back to God with all your heart and soul.

I love Solomon's prayer recorded in 1 Kings 8!!!  It's beautiful.

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