Thursday, May 28, 2015


Good morning!  I am sitting on my bed, with the window open, & I hear a glorious symphony of sounds as the birds greet each other, the thunder rumbles quiet and distant, the gentle snore of two dogs sprawled out between my husband & I, and the whirling of the fan overhead. Glorious, glorious, glorious.  Thank you Jesus!!

Yesterday I read an emailed blog post from Sacred Mundane written by Kari Patterson.  Have you heard of her?  She has a blog and has also authored some books on Kindle.  I love to read what she writes.  Well yesterday the email contained a LOT of posts so I scrolled through them and one caught my eye.  When I opened the blog post titled 'Why We Can Be Friends...And Why We Can't' I wasn't expecting God to meet me right there and teach me something, I was more curious about the statement.  Her post talks about how idolatry affects us, even our ability to offer friendship to people.  She speaks about Timothy Keller's teaching on the subject & gives examples so you can see where idolatry could be creeping in and skewing your friendships.  Having just read through Israel's fall from following solely after God due to idolatry, I was intrigued.  Well, as things usually go, I was called away before I could think too much more about it, but all day that post kept popping up in my thoughts.  After I got my kids settled in bed last night I went back and re-read the entire post.  Uncomfortable and sad I realized I have quite a few idols in my life.  I quickly googled Timothy Keller + idols.  Wow.  I sat hunched over the tiny screen of my phone for the next thirty minutes scribbling notes from this teaching.  Then I found these questions and this morning when I went back I found these notes.  Awesome, so very awesome.

So this morning as I hear the gentle pitter patter of rain that has, for now, quieted the birds and the thunder, I greet my day armed with hope for tearing down the high places I have unknowingly given space to rise.

PS I will do a B90 post a little later today.

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