Sunday, June 7, 2015

Part 2

We are currently on a light summer schedule.  We usually do school six weeks, take one week off from the first Monday in July to the third Friday in May.  On our week off and during the summer we  still do a large portion of our routine (unless it is a holy day, then we rest completely).  We don't do the block time of one on one unless needed to makeup for unexpected dr days, sick days, or to address a weakness.  Nor do we do the subject a day in the afternoons.  

This summer we selected a theme for each day.  Make something fun Monday (art or science experiment), Time To Read Tuesday - off to the library or bookstore, Wet and Wild Wednesday (workout outside taming our jungle for me, water play for kiddos, Get Outside Thursday -picnic breakfast, and Go Somewhere Fun Friday -one aspect of this is we go have lunch with Daddy at his work (usually pb&j and chips...but they LOVE getting to pack and take a lunch), and Game Day Sundays.

Saturdays are our day of rest, Torah study, and worshipping God.  Sundays are our free days.  We play, we run around town (or walk if weather is nice), have lots of free fun fun!!

My Hello Mornings routine is something I strive to get done before kids or dogs wake up, doesn't always happen....but that's what I am shooting for.  I wake up, start my coffee, drink 8 oz of water, grab my Bible and read.  I am a co leader on my Twitter group for hello mornings so I try and pop in and encourage anyone I can, but usually I am the one getting encouraged.  I try to check email, news feeds, my schedule and to do list Monday through Friday before 7:30 am.  Again doesn't always happen.

Oh I forgot to add with my last post we do have a few set times throughout the day that offer a natural reset button to our schedule, and as with many things in our life, they tend to circle around food.  7:30 is wake up time for my kids & breakfast (usually) always follows at 8 am, 11:30 is lunch, 5:30 is dinner.  

Exercise.  Sigh.  At the very least I try to do thirty minutes of walking, weights, or running.  If it's a bad day this is the first to go from our routine.  I need to be conscientious about incorporating this into our day, even when it's a hard day.

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