Thursday, July 2, 2015

Simple Homeschool

I love the blog Simple Homeschool.  It's my go to resource almost daily for fresh ideas and encouragement.  This morning was no exception, I read this post this morning and remembered my frustration this past week after a quick trip into Wal-Mart.  One of my children has chronic medical struggles, some days these struggles are painfully obvious and people stare, other days she looks like a very healthy normal child and people stare trying to figure out why she needs a four wheeled walker to maneuver around.  The post I had brewing around in my head wasn't as gracious and informative as this mom's post, so I am glad I didn't write mine, but instead am happy to link to hers.  Not only have I been the mom on the receiving end of other kids avoiding mine, but we too have been the ones whose kids have stared & questioned, and I handled it less than graciously too...I was embarrassed and tried distracting them until we passed the situation.  Instead I should have used it as an opportunity to teach acceptance, love, and the blatant fact that every single human being is beautiful, carries the mark of beauty on them.  God created them, male and female, in His image.  No buts, what ifs, or exceptions.  Educating our children to accept those that are different is so incredibly important.

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