Saturday, August 29, 2015


We have been crazy busy, where did May, June, July...and now August go?  Usually summer crawls by at a snail stuck in syrup's pace here.  With me usually waking up everyday, praying for a break in the suffocating heat that causes the bottom of my tennis shoes to feel gooey and my stomach to turn with the smell of too hot asphalt.  But this year I blinked and I am staring September in the face.

I LOVE THE FALL.  seriously, love it!!  Not even the fact that my 39th birthday is weeks away can dampen my enthusiasm.  39, how did that happen?  39, where each day seems to bring a new gray hair, more wrinkles, a slower metabolism, and gravity's pull.  But I know so many who would give anything to see 39, so we are celebrating in style here.  The 39 Clues book series contains some of my family's favorite books.  So we decided to have a 39 clues themed birthday party for me  :) it will be awesome!

Pumpkin spice candles, leaves turning, cool nights, nippy mornings, steaming mugs of yum!!!  Nothing screams give me a good book and a comfy spot more to me, so in case you are looking for some are ours :)

The Green Ember : oh my goodness.  This book?  We have spent many afternoons here, reading this aloud, waiting with bated breath as I turn the page...such a good book.

The Praying Life : awesome, awesome, awesome.  I just finished the last page and am looking forward to seeing what amazing things happen as I am learning to live what I read.

The Hard Times Jar : a picture book about long ago times, love this beautiful book, the messages it teaches, the reminder that honesty is hard, but good.

The Indian in the Cupboard : how have we not read this before?

Rereads for me (anyone else love to visit old friends?  The Hunger Games trilogy.

The Penderwicks : delightfully enjoying these four sisters

Teaching from Rest : oh my goodness, the treasures contained...every homeschool momma should read (in my opinion)

Peeking over the horizon :
Hank the Cowdog, Five Little Peppers, Redwall, and I am searching for my next good books.  Any suggestions?