Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

The house is quiet.  My kids, husband, and most of the pets are still asleep.  I just crept into the kitchen and brewed a cup of decaf (note to self...Starbucks Christmas blend is really strong, you really need to clean pot and filter holder (what is that thing called?) before brewing a different blend of coffee) and poured myself a cup of Great Grains cereal.  Is there anything better than dry crunchy cereal and hot creamy coffee?  Not in my book :)   I plugged in my headphones and attempted to finish a replay of Sarah Makenzie discussing her book 'Teaching From Rest'.  If there is one book I would recommend any homeschool mom to read, it'd be this book!  I love this book!!!!!!!

This has been a weird fall.  Late summer several odd health issues began popping up, one after the other in my kids.  We've spent large stretches of time camped out in bed or on the sofa waiting for better days to dawn.  Nothing life threatening or earth shattering, more annoying and yucky feeling.  It's interesting that I started this school year off thinking that God wanted me to conquer my fear, because it's been a daily battle.  Really, you only have to turn on the news or open an email and its there, threatening to choke the life out of your moments.  But this fall for me, I can only see my normally very active, bouncy, energetic child lie on a couch for so long with a list of symptoms that has the dr saying...hmmmm I am not sure....and not have fear clawing up the back of my throat.  So often my list of what ifs or whys are really long and so ear splittingly loud rolling around in my head, that I miss His gentle quiet whisper.  But then in a moment when I have cried my tears, or blown it again, or feel like the daily mundane is too heavy...He is there.  In the verse that is tucked away in my morning reading, He greets me and gives me a truth to push back against the lies with, His gentle whisper blankets me with reassurance in the voice of another who has listened to Him in her harder moments, and it sings through the voices of many who love Him deeply.

So here is to an amazing holiday season, I am praying we have the continual overflow of grace to hear His voice, see His hand move, and hearts that cling tightly to Him.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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