Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year

2015 was a hard, difficult year that twisted and turned through valley after was a year of hard things.  I have begun to absolutely dread the question: 'how are things'.  I want to be able to say oooooh fabulous.  We have money in the bank, health that overflows in abundance, we just went to Disney world, and will be serving as a family on the mission field this summer....but that's not my truth right now.  My truth is that it's hard.  In truth in 2015 instead of fighting for joy, I felt pummeled by the circumstances, defeated by the thought that it seems to just keep getting harder, and I haven't consistently felt the peace that I so desperately want to feel.  I know I am not alone, others around me are just as battered and bruised by life, many a lot more than I am.  So what's their secret?  Why and how do they draw in closer to God?  How do they tap into His peace?  They see Him as their greater truth.  I want that.

2016 dawned bright and beautiful. The circumstances didn't magically change when the clock struck midnight, but I want to. In 2016, I want my heart to be softer to Him, more patient and compassionate with those around me...even when dealing with the same issues over and over and over.  I want to be generous even if I have little to give, I want to find joy in every single moment, especially the hard and ugly ones.  And I want to be able to say, 'things are hard, but He is so, so good.'

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