Thursday, March 31, 2016

What we are up to

these days....

Since the beginning of the year we had an epic stomach virus that swept through all of us, made a quick trip home to see my family and pick up my youngest daughter's puppy, started my 'tidy' challenge, we have read lots of good books, I drank lots of awesome decaf coffee, and have  personally eaten so much good food that my jeans are tight again.  *sigh*

I never struggled with my weight (I was a ballet dancer, ha!) until the birth of my third child...after that it's as if my body said 'all bets are off' and it is now packing away the pounds like a dehydrated camel packs away water.  And the closer I creep to 40 (it's coming & sooner than I am ready for) it's even harder to shed the excess weight.  Harder, but not impossible.

anyway, as spring explodes around us, we find ourselves making 'plans' for the summer.  Plans being completely tentative, because life has a way of jumping right in the middle of my nicely written list and screaming SURPRISE as it flings mud everywhere.  :).   We have lots of adventures planned, are on the hunt to build an epic reading list, and will be trying out different school schedules (we school year round).  Any good book suggestions?