Friday, May 13, 2016

Excellence is never a waste

My husband is someone who gets this, really gets it.  If he is going to do something, he's all in.  He works hard and does his very best, even if no one will ever know.  I, on the other hand, seem to always be having an inner argument of what corners I can and/or should cut to get the job done.  What difference does it make how the apple slices look, I mean after all my kid is simply going to eat them.  If they are pretty it doesn't change the taste of them.  

Or does it?  

The delight on their faces, the wonder of the fact that someone took an extra five minutes for them?  


Tonight as I was preparing dinner, this familiar argument chased its tail through my mind again, as I sliced and diced.  Finally a thought occurred to me, excellence is never a waste.  Afterall we are supposed to be doing everything as if unto God, would we offer Him less than the best?  So I should be as excellent in my effort as possible at all times.