Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Well Hello There

Next week is in the world did that happen?  I am reading Mary Poppins to my kids right now, my husband & I recently saw 'Saving Mr. Banks' and oh my.  I immediately dug out our copy of Mary Poppins so I could stop everything and read it out loud.  So glad I did.

Speaking of my husband, we started something fun a year or two ago: we pick a series - either TV or movies and watch them.  We went through the entire James Bond collection, we started with the very first one and watched them all until the latest Daniel Craig one.  After that we watched Blacklist, Sherlock, Robotech, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent (haven't watched this one completely yet) and now we are on Indiana Jones.  We watch a movie or two occasionally interspersed - but mostly we stay on our series until we are done.  It has been a lot of fun, spending time together, watching things together - its our cheap version of date night.  And it is worth every single minute.  I love my husband - he is so much fun to spend time with.  He has a great sense of humor and does sweet things like makes me a bowl of m&m's, a fresh cold drink, or his 'macho nachos'... yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

I rarely get a full night of sleep.  My kids have a tough time sleeping through the night for various reasons and two of our dogs - one is a puppy, one is a senior citizen - they have bladder control issues.  I get woken up several times a night and for one reason or another it is really, really hard for me to go back to sleep.  Then I discovered audible.  It initially started off to be a way to help our kids still get to enjoy books as they struggled to master reading on their own, but then I noticed a book here, a book there I would like to have.  My favorites?  The Harry Potter collection narrated by Jim Dale (LOVE his voice!) and a Jane Austen Collection in which one of the narrators is Benedict Cumberbatch.  Have I mentioned that I looooove British accents?  One time in Target while I was wondering around looking for something, a dad and his daughter passed by.  The dad had a very thick, delicious British accent and much to my children's embarrassment, I drug them around the store so I could follow them (at hopefully a non-threatening, non-creepy distance) and listen to him talk.  Anyway...I discovered that if I pop in my headphones, set the sleep timer, then I can fall back to sleep while listening to my favorite books.  It has been awesome.

On that subject, one of the best help you fall asleep books is 'Sleepy Bunny' (narrated by Fred Sanders).  We checked it out from the library first, then I picked it up at a local bookstore.  The only problem?  By page three I was yawning and dropping off to sleep before my kids were.  So excited to find it at audible!

I know this post is rambling and boring to most, but I love rambling and boring - it means life isn't too hard to get a deep breath in now and then.  Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you have had a beautiful fall.

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