Thursday, December 22, 2016

what we are (not) reading right now

We hit a stagnate pace with our read alouds last month and it has dragged on.  I have a list of books I want to be reading (for myself and out loud) and it isn't happening and that makes me feel here is my list where we are going to pick back up at the latest.  I choose a lot of books for us to pack into piles and baskets around the house, so that wherever we are, we can plop down and enjoy.  This list doesn't include all of them, just the ones I would really like to get to first.

Read Alouds
Mary Poppins (were half way through when the never ending virus hit)
Mary Poppins Comes Home
Pilgrim's Progress - we are on Christiana's story now
Ember Falls (listening to this one)
The One and Only Ivan
Gladys Alward (then and now series)
Heidi (also a few chapters in when the never ending virus hit)
The Book of Virtues for Young People
Magic Treehouse series with my youngest
AA Milne books
*almost forgot The Best Christmas Pageant Ever & Ranger In Time

For Me
Little Women (again) and Little Men
The Broken Way
Trust Without Borders by Arabah Joy (LOVE her, have you heard of her?)
Believe  by Randy Frazee
Simply Classical (again)
Give Your Child the World
The Book of Memory by Mary Carruthers

In just a few weeks we are going to embark on a deep dive into Shakespeare.  My road map?  How To Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig.  I am nervous, my kids dreading it...I hope we meet somewhere in the middle and surprise ourselves by enjoying it.

I am also dwelling in the book of Ephesians using this method.  Inspired by this post.

What are you reading right now?

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