Wednesday, March 1, 2017

OK so I am 24 hours in of no chocolate, no added sugars.  Honestly?  Not liking myself right now.  The cravings haven't hit yet, but at the same time I am really, really missing my little sweet treats.  :(


  1. When I did the Whole 30, (and we did absolutely no sugar....I read the labels and it was very stressful!), I honestly lost my cravings for sugar after a while. I really did. I keep a jar of M&Ms in my bedroom, and after a while they did not even tempt me. So, hang in there.
    But....I will say that after I finished Whole30 and I gradually began eating my old regular foods again, the sugar cravings returned. :(
    I tried the Whole 30 a second time back in January. I lasted about 5 days.
    I hope you will stick it out and see how good you feel! :)

  2. WOW - I am SO impressed. The Whole 30 - that is such a hard challenge. And a jar of m&m's in your bedroom and you didn't touch them? You must have awesome self discipline. Thank you for the sweet encouraging comments you leave. I have read your blog for years and find such joy and encouragement there. Sunshine