Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sugar Challenge Take Two

Well, I tried this not too long ago and failed SPECTACULARLY.  So, here I am, ready to try again.  This time I know a little more about what I can and cannot I have changed the challenge a bit.

First of all, I have never successfully fasted.  Not once, except for when it was imposed by someone else pre- or post surgery.

I spent so many years literally starving myself trying to fit the ideal body type for ballet, it's like I have lost any desire at all to do anything to lose weight or discipline myself to do without something, even when there is a very good reason to do so.  I started dancing when I was four or five years old and danced constantly until I was twenty-five, then intermittently for the next five years as we started our family.

But I want to fast.  I want to experience what it feels like to seek God with everything that is in me.

Which leads me to my two main reasons for doing this sugar challenge in the first place.  One - I want to break the craving cycle, second - I want to prepare for a fast.  I realize that as long as I am hooked on sugar, a fast is going to be ever so much harder, if not impossible.

I don't want to set myself up for failure so I am going to do a less sugar, not a no sugar, challenge.  I am going to allow myself the following - the 1/2 tsp of sugar in my decaf coffee and then either cinnamon life cereal or 1/2 tsp sugar in my oatmeal for breakfast.  I am also going to still eat fruit and yogurt, and twice a week I am going to allow myself to have hot chocolate.  But other than that, there will be no candy, cake, sugar, soda pop, ice cream, jelly, jam, or cookies...and I am also going to add in no fried foods (so basically NO eating out :) ).

I'm going to be bathing this attempt in prayer.  In my weakness, I pray He will reveal Himself to me strong.  2 Corinthians 12:9.

Tomorrow morning I begin.  I will give a small update everyday.

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