Thursday, August 3, 2017

It's been a rough week

Do you ever have those weeks in which you wish you could hit the rewind button to get back to the beginning, before the bottom falls out, then quickly hit the skip button, so that you can fast forward past all of the issues in order to just reach status quo again?  Every single day this week has brought some kind of issue that has been hard, frustrating, and a bit overwhelming - especially as they all pile one on top of the other.   

So, not surprisingly, I lost count and focus on my challenge.  I'm just going to pick up today as day seven. seven is off to an ok start in terms of the less sugar challenge.  I definitely notice a HUGE difference when I am careful with what I eat vs. stress eating or grabbing things mindlessly.  My energy levels, anxiousness, irritability, and even dizziness increase on the days where I eat too much sugar or don't drink enough water.  


I also still (even four years later) struggle with making sure I drink enough water each day.  When I follow the alarms I have set on my phone and discipline myself to fill a 16oz cup of water and slowly drink it over the next two hours before another alarm rings, I feel ever so much better.  Which has led to me pondering two questions over the last couple of weeks.  Why is it that the good choices, the good things, are so hard to choose?  Why is it so much easier to choose bad things or to just drift into laziness, even when we feel bad afterwards (either physically or emotionally)?  One would think that it would be enough of an incentive to feel better to make the better choices, even if they aren't the fun choices in the moment.   

I am thinking through a post I might write next time on discipline, something that I am woefully underqualified to write from one perspective, the perspective of actually walking it out moment by moment.  But on the other hand, I feel I am perhaps overqualified to write it from the perspective of constantly either second guessing myself or compromising on the goals I set and therefore never building the muscles of self-discipline.  I also find myself trying to understand the concept of self-discipline in light of one of the fruits of the Spirit.  I think that I tend to rely too much on my ability to do something instead of knowing how to tap into His strength.  His strength is made perfect in our weakness, 2 Corinthians 12:9. 

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