Saturday, August 5, 2017



This feels like the worst week ever.

I know it's not.

I know from experience it could be a lot worse.

 But still...

It feels like the worst week ever.

Weeks like this make me grumpy.

They make me want to whine and complain and ask why?!?!

They make me want to stuff my face in a bucket of chocolate and not come up for air until I have eaten myself into oblivion, or at the very least reached the bottom of the bucket.

They make me want to delete every post I have ever written about doing the hard things, sucking it up when it's hard, and (until I pause and rethink my selfish thinking) it makes me want to question trusting God when it's hard.


Then I do pause, and I do see His grace everywhere.

Seriously, every inch of every problem we have had this week has had His grace etched onto it.  And then it makes perfect sense to trust Him.  Because even though I would not have chosen any of the problems we have had, I am SO incredibly thankful that He is building my faith - that He is teaching me who He is.  The best lessons (as much as I hate to admit this) are truly learned through the hard moments.

Words are easy to type, common to speak, but they prove their worth when you walk them out.  God is so good - He is so, so good.  Not because everything is perfect or easy or turns out OK, but because He is good.  His will is perfect and His plan is trustworthy.

Even when it hurts.

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