Monday, December 17, 2018

Please Pray

I brought my girls with me to KY because my mom fell twice last week.  She is very sick and I would appreciate it so much if you would pray for her.  My husband stayed home to hold down the fort with our “farm/zoo/circus” of animals.  I am deeply concerned about her, this week will hopefully yield some answers.  She has several tests we are waiting on phone calls to schedule.  Waiting is by far the most difficult part of any medical process. If you could pray first and foremost for her, that she’d feel better, her body would heal itself, that the offices would call and schedule timely appointments this week, that her doctor would review all of the information and proceed with wisdom and compassion and accuracy, and secondly that my girls and I will be of help and comfort to her, as we bring our own medical struggles with us that can be stressful.  Thank you.

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