Wednesday, August 29, 2012

today I am thinking

about fall and anticipating the deliciously cool mornings

about what it will feel like to pull my favorite sweat shirt on and go for a run

about Isaiah 46:4, He is in this for the long haul

about 147 million orphans, how is that even possible when so many people are alive today who love God so very much?

about all that we have to do today and the thrill of going about that

about why Tanner throws himself on the ground and rolls over? Does his back itch? Does he want me to pet his tummy? Or is he trying to get the leash thing to hit just right since he found his freedom one day from that trick?

about whether I should have another cup of coffee and light the pumpkin spice candle or the cinnamon gingerbread one?
(p.s. decided to go ahead with the coffee :) )

*pre-wrote my thoughts 8/27/12

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