Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Morning

Good morning, today is a glorious morning here in our neck of the woods.  The air is cold, the coffee is hot and my bagel is toasted to perfection.  We have a busy week, flu shots, field trips, lunches with Daddy...I am starting Bible in 90 days from the beginning this morning as well.  We have so much to get done before we take a winter break here.  A lot to tuck away in their brains, a lot of reading, a lot of writing, a lot of math pages...but we might as well have fun with it along the way right?  I have a couple of surprise audio books waiting in the wings, some great music and awesome color sheets too.  We are set for a great if the actual meets the plan...then that will be awesome.  If not, then we will roll with it the best we can!

Give Thanks In All Things
1) hot coffee, cold cream, sweet sugar
2) the Bible in 90 Days plan
3) bagels with butter toasted
4) sweet voices saying, "Mommy wake up it is a new day and I am awake and I am HUNGRY"
5) Hearing Tanner's teeth chatter after he ran around outside in the cold
6) flu shots + new movie and pizza party plans
7) field trips with friends
8) sweet friends who will email and encourage and listen
9) Thanksgiving is coming!!!!!!  YAY.
10) COLD mornings - LOVE them!

In all of this I do not forget those on the East coast struggling through the aftermath of Sandy and the winter storm that just hit them.  I lived in Manhattan for one glorious summer, I love New York City.  Today my children and I will gather and pray the hours for them, for every single person affected.  Honestly I cannot even wrap my mind around all that has happened and continues to happen.  We are also going to be brainstorming on how to help, where to give and what to do.  If you know of any great ideas, feel free to leave them in the comment section. 

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