Monday, April 11, 2016

Storybook Summer

I have been thinking and reading and digging around for ideas to make this an awesome summer.

A few years ago I remembered stumbling across a blog that organized their recommended read alouds by month and grade level, but then my trusty laptop died so I haven't had access to my hard drive.  I have been using my kids' iPad, & since I could not for the life of me remember who published that lovely list I was sure I'd never see it again.  Sigh.

Long story short I finally stumbled across the list last week!  Yippee!

It was a list put together by Elizabeth Foss, and although heavily catholic in nature, it it AMAZING and if interested, you can find it here.  I spent a few days digging through it, consulting our local library, and read another blog post by Elizabeth Foss about how she had a storybook year a few years ago and I got really, really excited.  Although we are (mostly) way past the picture book stage of life, I absolutely love the artwork in children's book.  It is sooooooooo beautiful and whimsical.

So,  I decided we are going to have a storybook summer!  From David Adler's Picture Book Biographies to the enchanting world of Jill Barklem...I can't wait.  I will keep a running list on the side of my blog of what we read, sometimes if we focus on one author/illustrator I will list just that, otherwise I will include the title too.

Besides having a storybook summer we are going to continue to wage war on the suffocating clutter of our home (tidy is my focus word for 2016) & do quite a bit of writing - whether it's cleaning up our handwriting and perfecting our sentences or the letting go of the floodgates of our imagination, we are going to write, write, write!

Speaking of reading, I have a stack of my own books to get through - the Narrated Bible in Chronological form,  Daring Greatly, Cinders and Scarlet, How to Teach your Children Shakespeare, Fervent, Teaching From Rest (again), & Simply Classical (again)

So keep the hot (decaf) coffee coming, the kool-aid and water ice cold :) it's going to be awesome!

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