Saturday, January 28, 2017

Today I have been reading and listening to a few different things.  One of those was an article I happened upon yesterday by Misty Winckler and am still chewing on, the other is a sermon by Francis Chan that I kept seeing in the side bar on You Tube, and finally watched.

I wrote this note down from Misty's article - self-control not situational control.

And then had an 'Oh.Yeah.' moment.

I think I sacrifice self control in pursuit of situational control.  When in reality I need to forgo situational control (seeking it) and instead, go all in, fully pursue surrendering to God working in and through me self-control.

Then when I was listening to Francis Chan I wrote this quote down from his sermon.  'Our job is not to calm the sea, but to make sure our boat is in tact, heading in the right direction, & that our crew is strong & courageous.  Steady.  Focused.  Encouraged.'

He was speaking to a group a pastors and was speaking in regards to the church.  But as I was listening I was thinking in terms of my family, my kids specifically.  I am not called to calm the seas of their lives, I am just called to make sure our boat is strong.  I am called to make sure we stay the course.  That we stay focused.  And that I speak encouragement.

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