Saturday, May 27, 2017

Well hello there.  It is almost June.  How did that happen?  This past week my kids and I worked really hard outside at home, getting our "jungle" under control.  We shaved, clipped, sliced, mowed, pulled, raked, and bagged.  *sigh*  We got a lot done.  I have pulled two ticks off of me, one off of my youngest, and one off of our dog.  :( I hate ticks.

We finished up a book about Gladys Alward, sobbing through the last chapter.  I wonder if our neighbors thought someone in our family had died?  All of our windows were open, so I am pretty sure they heard us crying and carrying on.  But that was one of the most beautiful stories we have read.  Ever.  My kids have talked about that book almost constantly since we turned the last page.  We are officially on our light summer schedule which is a good thing because, by the last full week of school, we were SO done.  I am SO SO SO thankful for the year round schooling opportunity that we have with homeschooling, especially when a long awaited break arrives.

I got to have coffee with a sweet friend last night, well I opted for hot chocolate, but it was such a fun way to end a busy, kinda stressful week.

We have a stack of books we'd like to get through in the next few weeks...don't you just love a good story?!?  It is such a neat way to connect to your kiddos as they grow up.

The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green

TumTum and Nutmeg series (this is a beloved re-read)

Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George

Anne of Green Gables (CANNOT wait for this one!  I cannot wait to share this story - actually the whole series - with my kids.  I am probably waaaaaay more excited than they are, but that's ok, I have enough enthusiasm for all four of us)

On audible, my kids are listening to Little House on the Prairie and I am listening to At Home in Mitford book one.  It has been years since I have "visited" Mitford, I love that book.

Well, I hope you guys have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.  May we have hearts that obey the Word as we dig deep into it.

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