Sunday, July 29, 2018

Boy am I glad to see the summer's end on the horizon...

This has NOT been a fun summer.

Not even close.

The majority of the summer has been spent in doctor offices, urgent treatment centers, the pharmacy and even the ER.  And when we haven't been hanging out in those places we have been to the vet's office multiple times.  Since the end of April, we've had upper respiratory infections, ear infections, stomach viruses, head colds/sinus infections, bronchitis, a second round of ear infections and topped it off with a horrible case of tonsillitis.  These were back to back to back and it ran through all five of us each time.  ☹  My husband just missed work again on Friday because he is still dealing with the remnants of tonsillitis and sinus yuck.  Of course, all of this disrupts my children's underlying health issues so the fall out from this will continue for a while.

With the school year right around the corner, I catch myself taking a deep breath, half scared to guess what the fall will bring, half hoping that surely it can only get better from here.

This summer I finally took the time to read a book called A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille.  It's a book that I've heard about over the years and kept putting off reading it.  Because really do I need to read another book on homeschooling?  We are well into our journey after all, and it kinda sucks to read a book and realize you have done everything wrong up until this point.  Who wants to have that "Oh no!  I've ruined any chance for a great future for my kids...if only I'd___________" (fill in the blank with a long list of things you discover you should have been doing since they were toddlers) filling hanging over you as you prepare to start a new school year?

But, after reading Kari Patterson's blog posts (she blogs at Sacred Mundane...if you don't read her blog, you really should!  It is SO good!), I finally gave in and asked my husband if I could purchase it on Kindle.  He said yes, so I proceeded to devour it in two days (while taking copious notes!).  It is SO rich.  If I could recommend one book to new homeschoolers, veteran homeschoolers, or parents who want to enrich their own education...this book would be it!

We haven't read much this summer, but we did get in Brighty of the Grand Canyon, Kisses From Katie, and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.

I am ready for the cool mornings and early sunsets, the crunchy leaves and beautiful colors...I know it is still several months away, and despite the summer we had, I really am SO excited to welcome fall.  Plus Sarah Clarkson has a book coming out called Book Girl and I have it already on pre-order, I cannot wait.

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