Friday, January 27, 2012


5 minute Friday writing exercise from Gypsy Mama


What would happen if we looked upon the heart and mind of others with the naked eye before, during, and after we spoke our words? Would our words fall gentle upon the tender flesh of their heart? Would it encompass their thoughts and perception of who they are through our eyes with soft caresses? Or it would it slice through the tender flesh of their heart like a knife? Squeezing and pushing and gruffly handling their minds?

Would I but softly utter words that encourage, inspire, love them. Love their tender hearts completely, encourage their growing minds moment by moment. Would the words that I speak be a thanks offering (learned from Ann Voskamp), would they fall around me with tender floating grace instead of dropping like a hammer. hard, ungrateful and full of complaint.


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  1. Beautiful, poetic words! Grace can be so tender indeed.