Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moment by moment

life happens.

Sometimes it is messy but almost always its own form of beautiful.

I am sitting here today sipping a hot cup of coffee, looking around at the stack of boxes that contain bits of pieces of our belongings. Each box seems to contain an entire story all its own. Moving is always (to me) a good way to take stock of your life. Not just physical possessions, but memories and moments that have marked your days here. Six years we have made a home here, six years of memories, a mix of good days and bad. As I pack away our belongings and we prepare to make a new home for ourselves I pray. Pray that my husband and I will take a deep breath before we speak, especially if we have hard words to say. Pray that we are always willing and able to draw our children close and hold them tight. Even when they grow bigger than our laps. I pray that our words are gracious and lovely and kind. I pray that we never, ever buy more than their hearts are able to be grateful for and that they learn to share and bless others from our examples. I pray that the little eyes that see so much will find something worthy to imitate. I pray that I consciously approach each day with the knowledge that for a season my husband and I hold their hearts in our hands. That we hold them gently and cherish with integrity this awesome gift. They are growing up SO fast and time seems to speed by, stopping for no one.

Moment by beautiful moment life is unfolding.

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