Sunday, June 17, 2012


As the sun beat down upon our backs, the gravel crunched beneath our feet, we walked, sometimes climbed, and occasionally jogged along the path, over the foot bridges and through the rock lined walkways. The sights were beautiful. Huge towering trees, soft trickling water fountains, plants blooming and vegetables growing. Little lizards crawled here and there over rocks, through plant vegetation, and scampered into the tall grass. A squirrel sat contentedly under a magnolia tree full of beautiful blooms munching on a treasure, the rooster crowed and puffed his chest, the hens had eggs hidden under the small foot stool and tucked away in a hen house. The sounds of cicadas and birds spoke of lazy summer afternoons. The giggles in the distance let us know others had come to see and experience too.
By my favorite part of all?
When you grabbed my hand and gently squeezed before going off to scoop one of our little ones up who was having a hard time keeping the rocks out of her shoes. You are an amazing person and I love you SO very much for it.

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