Thursday, August 2, 2012

At times it is easy to lose hope

and feel overwhelmed by all of the bad news you hear, read, see right in front of you. Fires, overwhelming heat, not enough money, robberies, murder etc; on and on it goes.

But God.

It would be hopeless, but God.

It would be overwhelming, but there is still good, still truth, and still beauty. Even on the darkest most horrible days, He is there. And that is beauty and hope and good enough.

Do you ever re-watch a favorite movie? Or re-read a favorite book? I do! The time spent reading/watching Anne's (Anne of Green Gables), Elizabeth Bennett's (Pride & Prejudice), or the March sisters'(Little Women) stories unfold are as comfortable and joy filled as snuggling down into a favorite blanket.

Do you ever get to the height of their story and want to shout to them "HANG ON! It will all be worth it in the end?" I often times wonder if God says the same about you and about me?

Psalm 27:13 I am still confident of this : I will see the goodness of Adonai in the land of the living.

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