Saturday, August 11, 2012

so little time

Despite our best efforts to slow time down, it continues to pass. We take pictures, blog moments, scrapbook and journal, attempting to capture it all. And despite it all, time passes, and the kids grow up.

We, as parents, stand back, full of sad and sweet - sad because I.just.wish.there.was.more.time. Sweet because we get an amazing gift. We get a front row seat to watch what God has done, is doing, and continues to do. We get to watch Him meet them at their lowest and carry them to their highest.

I have never been and will never be the most beautiful person, I have never been and will never be a principal dancer. Years and years were spent dreaming about, working towards and wanting both of those with everything that I was. I have not nor am I ever likely to set a world record running, in fact I may never, ever actually win a single race that I run. I may never actually be good enough to get something that I write published. That used to bother me. That feeling of I will never be that person. The most beautiful, talented, or fastest.

But then I realized something. I get to do something that no one else in the ENTIRE world gets to do. I get to be THEIR Mom. I get to be the one that holds them when they are sad, that cheers for them when they win a game, that celebrates all of the accomplishments (tiny and big) with them. I get to tuck them in at night and wake them up in the morning. I get to be the one who stands with them when no one else will and the one who stands lost in the crowd. I get to be the one who cleans up the spilled milk for the third time in as many minutes and the one who reminds them to take their vitamin. And someday, yes someday, this job will be over. And while that makes me very sad, that is ok. Because time passes and all we can do is make the most of what we are given.

So if you are the worst runner out there, but love to run, I say RUN HARD and do not let anything keep you from crossing that line. If you love to write, but get rejected time and time again, keep writing. But most importantly, if you are a Mom - do not let anything deter you from pouring absolutely everything you are into them. They are worth it. Even if you will never be elected Mom of the year, that is ok, love them and love them well.

And someday when I stand before Him, I want above all else to hear this : "You are beautiful to Me. You are talented because you bear My handiwork. You are mine. You took what I gave you and you invested it into three children. Well done, good and faithful servant."

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