Friday, September 28, 2012


The feel of His fingers holding tight, grasping me with all that He is.
The knowledge that nothing can separate me from His love still causes wonder.
But also the knowledge that my sin, my lack of willingness to obey His way causes a rift brings me up short.
He can and will discipline me, to teach me and correct the wrongs.
Much like a parent will discipline their child.
It is not pleasant, in fact in often times is hard, and miserable and even when I recognize my guilt, I still don’t want to have to go through those seasons.
But He loves too much to relax His grasp even in that moment.
He opens doors that no man can shut and closes door no man can open.
I reach out, grasp this truth and hold on to it. 

It is my life raft in the stormy sea of life. 

It is my hammock to swing from on the lazy days. 

It is my hope and my life. 

Because there is nothing else to grasp but the truth of who He is.



  1. You are so very right.
    "It is my hope and my life." I pray for those who don't know that hope. That truth. Have a great Friday.

  2. "He opens doors no man can shut and..." brought me up short! Yes! And in His grasp, that reminder makes it feel like all the more comfortable place to be. So glad you linked up with Five Minute Friday.