Saturday, September 29, 2012

The bare hint of grey canopies the trees and roof tops.  A new day is just about to spring forth.  The dawn will rise.  Although it is rare, I do love when I am able to rise before my household.  To leisurely go about fixing the coffee, to have the silence cloak the furthest corners of the house is a rare and precious gift.  Whenever I think of a new day and get to catch it right at the edge that it begins, immediately I think of Lamentations 3.  The promise and the hope contained there.  When reading through the Bible in 90 days everything flows into the next.  The birth of the nation of Israel, the exodus from Egypt, and the giving of what would become Torah is still fresh in your mind when you arrive at Isaiah, Jeremiah and Lamentations.

To read the terror and the sadness that begins chapter three is difficult.  I find myself wanting to skip ahead not wanting to be there in that moment with him.  But I know that I will fail to grasp the full weight of verses 21 through 33 if I do not.  Here he is, in the lowest moment of his life, surrounded by destruction with only his tears to keep him company and he says,
 Yet this I call to mind
therefore I have hope
Because of Adonai's great love
we are not consumed
for His compassions fails not
His mercy is new every morning
Great is His faithfulness

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