Thursday, November 29, 2012

Last night I could not sleep.  Ironic that a little over a week after begging for sleep I stumble on a night in which I cannot wind down and go to sleep.  My husband was working and my kids were snuggled down so I checked out netflix.  It has been a while since I have watched something besides Barbie, Princess, or Go Diego Go :).  The title caught my eye first and then when I read the reviews I knew what I wanted to watch...Acts of Valor.  Have you seen this movie?  OH.MY.  this movie is so good and such a heart breaking reminder of what happens when someone lays it all on the line for our freedom. 

There are a few movies that I have seen over the course of the years that I would say have changed my life, enriched it or challenged me and what I believe and what I am striving for.  This is one of those movies.  Like reading Katie's book, Kisses From Katie, I put it down (the book) or paused it (this movie) and asked myself what exactly am I doing with my life?  What am I so sure of that I would die for it or give up everything for?  How do the men and women that serve our country - how do they live in such a way that they are ready to die at any moment?  How does a person become so sold out for what they believe that they will pack up and move across the world into horrendous poverty just to serve and love the people there?  How did they become the men and women that would do that?  What about me?  Now that I know about the poverty that is out there, now that I know the degree to which these men and women go to for our freedom, for our country – how will that make me a different person?  Will I give more, pray more, serve more?  Will I teach my kids about this?  Will I hug them a bit closer because somewhere tonight someone’s mom or dad won’t be coming home?  Will I take that money I would have bought a starbucks with and ship it to a kid who hasn’t eaten today?

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