Monday, March 11, 2013

Days 13 - 19

I decided that trying to blog every single day is just NOT going to happen :) so I am going to put my checklist for what I want to do each day up at the beginning of the week and then if I get a chance to write during the week AWESOME, if not then at least I have tracked this.  :)

Day 13 *yesterday* rocked my children and went through a list of things they did right during the day
Day 14 try to capture a picture of each of them during the day and then make them a card (with their picture pasted on) letting them know their Daddy and I prayed for them that day
Day 15 build a blanket tent for read a louds under the dining room table with flashlights :)
Day 16 have dessert first for dinner
Day 17 sit down and plan a one on one event with them to take place within the next week - give them a ticket to be turned in for said event
Day 18 leave them a chocolate kiss on their a hotel :)
Day 19 create a movie theatre - popcorn, sprite, tickets, etc; and let them stay up a bit late to watch a movie

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