Monday, April 29, 2013

Making a Math Notebook

A few years ago I read about an idea a teacher posted on her blog about some math notebooks she made for/with her students.  They added entries throughout the year so that at the conclusion of the year the students had a nifty math reference notebook to take home with them.  I thought that was an awesome reference tool, but couldn't figure out how to do one here at home with three different grade levels. 

So this past week I began playing with an idea.  I got out an extra three ring binder notebook and began searching for some "tools" to put into it.  I stumbled across some awesome websites (links will be at bottom of post) printed out a TON of stuff :) and got out my stack of sheet protectors. 

I want to interrupt myself for a moment to say, if you are new to homeschooling there are several things I recommend always having on hand:
post it notes
index cards
notebook paper
plain white paper
crayons, colored pencils, markers,  highlighters
sheet protectors
extra three ring binders
You will use these way more than you ever expect to.  At least we do/did.

OK - anyway - this notebook is going to be something each of them can use and continue to add into.  It has very basic stuff, like time and money for my youngest, to some harder things like mean, median, & mode, simplifying fractions, and ratios, percentages, long division rules etc; for my oldest.  It has math facts, lines, angles, & measurement information for my in between kiddo as well.  It has some math charts, some worksheets (I have found that vis-a-vis wet erase markers work the very best on sheet protectors), and lots and lots of vocabulary words.  Since we are using one large three ring binder for everyone to share, I am not adding in their examples (worksheets or papers they complete) but you could certainly do that if you want to make an individual one for each child.  I hope this helps!
Links I used :

Living Math Books List

Math Charts to Print Out

Math Worksheets Printables

Math Vocabulary Words

Next up is a Language Arts Notebook and then a Science one.  I will probably wait to tackle those over the summer.

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