Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another school year sits on the horizon, I can see it peeking over the edges.

I furiously scribble my plans in a brand spanking new planner.  I LOVE lists, I love to make plans, but I am perhaps the most chaotic person you will meet.

Think Pig-Pen.

On steroids.

I am constantly losing things and forgetting to do something, I am like a walking mess.  But for some reason that does not dim my love for making plans and lists one bit.  Each new school year begins with the hope that this will be the year that we do not spend more time in doctor offices, at the pharmacy, or traveling to the children's hospital than we do on field trips.  That we will read more books than I have written down instead of the other way around.  That I do not hit that mid-winter slump or let the dishes and laundry pile up while we are diagramming sentences and working math problems.

But you know what?

The laundry and dishes will more than likely pile up, I will most likely lose our read aloud at least twice during the week, forget to write down what I did that day, and I almost certainly will hit that mid-winter slump.  But as I am writing this post, I am reminded that He has never failed to meet us each step of the way.

His grace encompasses all of my weaknesses, the ones I see clearly and the ones I am oblivious to.

His grace is there when I lose that book and when I find it.

His grace is just as much in the pharmacy waiting area as it is at the Museum.

His grace is in the smile my kids give me when we read something funny, their willingness to forgive my mistakes and failures, His grace is in the moment they learn to read and to add and to subtract.  His grace is in the lesson we have to repeat over and over and over until it clicks.  His grace is in the cold coffee forgotten in the microwave, the laundry I forgot in the washer, and the cinnamon toast I burned.

I am slowly realizing all is truly grace. 

Every.single.thing we have is an expression of God's love.  His grace.  His mercy.  Freely given, lavishly bestowed.  Completely undeserved, but oh so appreciated.

So I write down my plans, pray and ask His guidance, and give this year my very best.  And give thanks to God for His love, His grace, and His mercy that will carry us through another year.


  1. "Every.single.thing we have is an expression of God's love. His grace. His mercy. Freely given, lavishly bestowed. Completely undeserved, but oh so appreciated."

    Sunshine, I love that paragraph! I am also a list person, and a planner, though it very rarely works out as I have planned.

    But I am sure you have heard the line, "If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him you have a plan!"

    And so I am ever hopeful...I have a new notebook ;)

  2. Maureen,
    I haven't heard that quote, but it made me giggle. :) thanks for such a sweet comment, have a great night!