Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hello Mornings

Jonah is the book that's been selected for this six weeks of Hello Mornings.  I never realized before how deep Jonah's faith in God was.  He made a big mistake running from God, but when faced with it he didn't deny his wrong and didn't offer excuses.  He simply stated who he was, who God was, and then told them to throw him into the middle of a storm tossed raging sea.

I have been Jonah.  Well sort of.  I have run from God, found myself in a mess, but I am not sure I have rested in who God is enough to let others toss me right into the storm that came as a result of my disobedience.  I like what one person wrote on twitter this week about it, she said something to the effect of 'my sin never changes the character of God'.  I never really thought too hard about that, but obviously I picked up the lie somewhere that my sin changes who God is.  I want what Jonah had in chapter one.  Complete surrender, trusting God to handle my mess.

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