Saturday, August 16, 2014


I love Saturdays at my house.  I love cinnamon rolls in the mornings, Torah study in the afternoon, nap time with my husband while our kiddos snuggle in and watch a movie.  Games of clue, sorry, uno, old maid, and go fish.  Stratego, life, and monopoly too.  Saturdays make me smile and realize how much I love these people who live under my roof.

Not every Saturday is awesome, but when I pause and think where we were just a year ago today...this Saturday is pretty amazingly awesome.

On a more somber, serious note, we are praying for those in Ferguson, MO, Iraq, and Israel.  I know there are many parents waking up with a broken heart this morning, many who fear what the dawn of a new day shall bring, and many more who are hurting, angry, and just want justice to reign and peace to come.  May the God of all comfort swoop down, gather you close, and hold you tight.

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