Sunday, April 5, 2015

Listening to the birds slowly come to life outside my window this morning as the gray of dawn begins to steal over the sky, my mind wanders back about 2000+ years and I think about what today meant to those who lived and loved beside Jesus.  Totally broken hearted, scared, and confused what was it like to gaze upon Him?  See His eyes, hear His voice, realize that all your hope was not in vain?  Are there even any words to hang upon the feelings that welled up and bubbled over in their hearts?  Awesome.  Fabulous.  Joy unending. They seem to fall flat when compared to their reality.  Jesus rose!!!  Praise God for the awe inspiring gift and wonders He worked in and through Jesus, our Messiah.

Well, my house is beginning to stir, the rabbit banging his hay dish on the bottom of his cage, the puppy stretching and peering out the front of his kennel door, my youngest crawling in beside me saying, "Good Mornin' Momma", so I better go...but I can greet today with hope and joy!!!  Praying the rest of your Passover week is beautiful and that Jesus is lifted high in your heart each and every moment.

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  1. Happy Easter! Btw, you recently mentioned getting a service dog. PTL,,,he will become a beloved member of your family, just loving and being loved!