Friday, November 13, 2015


I feel like we are germ magnets.

We do all of the recommended preventatives - washing our hands, using germ-x, taking vitamins, eating (somewhat) healthy, getting rest, avoiding others when we know they are sick...but for some reason, it seems like from fall until spring, we move from one thing to another.  Right before my husband left we had a tummy bug, then he came home sick and of course it passed through all of us, and then they picked up hand foot and mouth - seriously?!?!

We are finally feeling better - YAY :).

My husband and I marathon watched The Blacklist a few weeks ago.  Oh my word, I love that tv show,  I usually don't go for the violent dramas, but this show?!!?!  I LOVE it!!!  When Red got out of the box for Lizzie, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!  Speaking of shows I am insanely excited Sherlock has new episodes coming...LOVE LOVE LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock.

My oldest and I are doing a weekly cooking/baking lesson.  The first week my child made flawless bread using this recipe, then the next week it was applesauce bread, but yesterday?  Yesterday was a disaster of epic proportions.  I had this brilliant idea (cue the point where I really should stop and seriously reconsider, and almost always don't) ... OK the store had drumsticks on sale, my kids love fried chicken legs.  So I googled and searched Pinterest and we found an easy recipe and followed it exactly...or at least almost exactly.  An hour later (it said 25 minutes) the first leg was measuring 165ish so we pulled it out, drained the excess grease off, and sliced into it.  Raw as if we'd just cut into an actual chicken.  Seriously.  Fifteen or so minutes later we tried again.  Same thing.  I am starting to panic because I didn't have a backup plan and dinner was supposed to have started ten minutes ago.  So after a few panicked phone calls I threw away the lot of them and we cheated and had Taco Bell.  Oh well, good story for the grandkids someday.  :)

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