Saturday, March 30, 2024

This week

Another crazy busy (& hard week) - so did a re-listen and another audio book for the challenge this week :

Hotel Flamingo (book one) by Alex Milway

Last year, on one of our many doctor appointment commutes we listened to one of the Hotel Flamingo series (cannot remember which one, but it was not book one) well this week we finally went back so I could hear book one.  SUPER cute!!!!

Sacrifice (Snow Queen book two) by K.M. Shea 

This was, of course, my re-listen.

This week I also spent time listening to David Suchet's reading of Mark and I have read the book of John the past two mornings.  I am always totally blown away by what Jesus did for us on the cross, what He willingly suffered so that we, as sinners, had a chance to be reconciled to God.  I am so incredibly thankful for the gift of eternal life that God gives me through Jesus.  It is hard to imagine what the level of His suffering was yesterday as He was beaten and scourged and hung on a cross, all the while bearing the sin of the entire world (can you imagine the collective sin being laid upon Him).  Because of what He did, we have the offer to trust and believe in Him unto eternal life.  

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